Investasikan secara bertanggung jawab. peringatanRisiko_DeskripsidalamBahasaJepang Investasikan secara bertanggung jawab.Investasikan secara bertanggung jawab.CFD adalah instrumen yang kompleks dan memiliki risiko tinggi kehilangan uang dengan cepat karena leverage. 75.54% investor ritel kehilangan uang dengan penyedia ini. Pertimbangkan jika Anda memahami cara kerja CFD dan jika Anda mampu kehilangan uang Anda.CFD dan Spread Betting adalah instrumen yang kompleks dan memiliki risiko tinggi kehilangan uang dengan cepat karena leverage. 79.78% dari akun investor ritel kehilangan uang ketika melakukan trading CFD dan Spread Betting dengan penyedia ini . Anda harus mempertimbangkan apakah Anda memahami bagaimana CFD dan Spread Betting berfungsi dan apakah Anda mampu mengambil risiko tinggi kehilangan uang Anda.
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Spot natural gas (CFD)

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Natural gas grafik

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Here at FxPro, weโ€™re delighted to offer our clients the opportunity to trade CFD on Natural Gas.

To trade CFD, you may select a financial asset you prefer to follow, conduct fundamental and technical analysis, and then โ€“ open a trade to Buy or to Sell. The price of the core asset is actively changing throughout the day and can move both into the side of trader's forecast, or in the opposite direction. Therefore, it is always necessary to set Stop Loss and Take Profit levels. More information you could learn from the Educational section on our website.

Qatar is the largest exporter of liquid natural gas and it is rapidly becoming a leader in its production. Due to easy transportation of the raw material, this core asset is successfully traded on the world market.

If you want to diversify your traderโ€™s portfolio, follow the fluctuations of the spot Natural gas prices.

On this page, you can take a look at the real-time chart of spot Natural Gas to make your own responsible decision to buy or to sell its CFD (Contract for Difference) through the FxPro trading platforms.

To start trading at FxPro today, open your account by clicking the โ€œRegisterโ€ button at the top of this page. Several convenient top-up methods with 0% commissions are available.

Kondisi perdagangan

Pertandingan perintah
Pencocokan pesanan seketika
Pencocokan pesanan seketika
Minimum: 4.00medium: 6.44
Fluktuasi harga minimum0.001
Ukuran 1 lot10,000 MMBtu
Nilai 1 tick10 USD
Ukuran kontrak minimum0.01 lot
Kenaikan harga minimum dalam ukuran kontrak0.01 lot
Margin yang digunakan per 1 lot **1.00%
Margin diperlukan untuk membuka perintah penutupan *0
Batas dan tingkat berhentispread

waktu transaksi (waktu Inggris) Sunday - Friday: 11:00 PM - 10:00 PM
(Closes daily between 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM UK time)

* Hanya jika Tingkat Margin> 100%

** Batasan dinamis berlaku. Untuk cTrader, silakan lihat spesifikasi simbol di platform perdagangan Anda.

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